About Us

"STROYPROEKTMONTAZH" Ltd has been created in the end of 2006 on the basis of the company " ST JUG". The basic direction of activity of our company — import road-building and agricultural machinery from the distant countries and the near abroad.

Our managers and heads of a department of logistics try to carry out quickly and qualitatively the duties on delivery of agricultural machinery and spare parts up to the location of the clients. The basic office of our company is in Moscow. In the beginning of May, 2006 we have opened additional office in Belgorod city. Opening of additional office has allowed us to accelerate registration and shipment of agricultural machinery which acts to us from factories located on territory of Ukraine.

All technics imported by us (Ukraine, China) passes 100 % customs clearing and certification in territory of the Russian Federation. We shall organize delivery of technics on territory of Russia any kind of transport and practically any transport company. We send a full package of accompanying documents the certified mail or the courier to the address of a site of the client.

We are always ready to consider various the offer on purchase of agricultural machinery and spare parts, both from manufacturers, and from the trading organizations which develop the business in this sector of economy. Collective of "STROYPROEKTMONTAZH " Ltd with great reaspect.